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Environment, Pollution and Climate Change




Everything and everyone on this Earth and in this Universe has a natural life cycle. This involves natural cycles of growth, decay and compounds formation and breakage. Natural substances and living beings are made up and / or composed of relatively stable compounds, mixtures, alloys and elements. By default, everything and everyone has a limited life span. These substances and living beings grow and / or formed out of earth based substances and after going through their life cycles they are decomposed into Earth. Natural substances are usually not highly stable and do no persist for very long periods. Life and living on Earth is regulated by unlimited number of cycles. These cycles may be as small as day and night cycle of one day, to ice ages, spanning over millions of years. Environment necessary for existence of life on our planet Earth depends on Sun, the star and energy source of our planetary system. It is Sun that maintains the temperatures necessary for existence and survival of all life forms on Earth. All life cycles depend on Sun, one way or the other. Sun causes the evaporation of water from sea and oceans, resulting into the formation of clouds. These clouds are then moved and distributed to the different parts of Earth in atmosphere by negative and positive pressures also directly or indirectly generated mostly by Sun. Water vapours and clouds, along with the precipitations caused, are the part of greenhouse gases and have their own cooling and warming effects on Earth’s climate. By definition, greenhouse gasses are the gasses that absorb and emit the radiation within the thermal infrared range. These include Water vapours, Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide and Ozone. This greenhouse effect is also discovered on Venus, Mars and venus moon Titan. greenhouse effect of these gasses makes our planet warmer and a strong contributing factor in existence and continuation of life on Earth. Without these gasses our planet would be 33 C colder and life as we know, may not exist. Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide and Ozone are generated due to chemical reactions under the influence of sunlight, its temperature and radiation, and also by biological activity like breathing, excretion, sweating and decay and decomposition. Generation of these greenhouse gasses and their release in Earth’s atmosphere is substantially increased since industrial revolution. There are two main reasons for it. First is the burning of fossil fuels in industries, energy production and automobiles. And the second is massively increased deforestation due to incredible population growth and mass production of wood based products like housing and paper. Burning of fossil fuels directly produces Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses and releases them into the atmosphere, whereas deforestation is taking away the biggest Carbon dioxide consumers and air purifiers away, namely trees and plants. This drastic change in air and atmosphere composition is creating numerous short and long-term effects. Breathing is a critically essential life function for animals and human beings. For this we need clean air. Clean air has a certain proportions of some gasses like Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon dioxide in it. These proportions are critical for healthy breathing and carrying out of breathing related and depended life functions like energy production in living organisms. Absence of oxygen or improper concentrations can kill a living being in seconds to minutes. In improper concentrations, even if the minimum requirements are met, the scarce supply of Oxygen can create numerous adverse effects on sustainability and quality of life. Higher concentrations of gasses like Carbon dioxide can cause serious health hazards and one precursor Carbon monoxide is a well-known killer. Several known pollutants, that are introduced in atmosphere by human activity, can have much more adverse effects ranging from strokes, heart attacks, lake of energy and stamina, suffocation, mood swings, to even death. Ozone, a triatomic radical of oxygen is considered a poison in lower inner layers of atmosphere. It is highly injurious for lungs and can cause temporary damage leading into permanent damage and scarring, rendering person liable to chronic, life long respiratory problems that only get worse with the passage of time. In higher, outermost layer it performs very important function of filtering very short wavelength photonic ultraviolet rays from sun. High concentration of these rays, along with other hazards can cause skin cancer. In recent decades the amount of ozone in the stratosphere (the outermost layer of atmosphere) has been declining mostly because of emissions of CFCs and similar chlorinated and brominated organic molecules, which have increased the concentration of ozone-depleting catalysts above the natural background. Higher concentration of greenhouse gasses is raising the average temperature. This rise in temperature is melting glaciers at a rate much higher than natural causes. This massive melting is raising the sea levels, which first and foremost a lethal threat for small islands and coastal communities. The changes are also causing massive changes in aero-dynamics, regionally and globally. Regional changes are responsible for the regional weather changes like temperatures that are highly abnormal for that region, in that part of year. Also, causing severe weather conditions like storms that are much more frequent and lot more severe. These serious weather changes are causing adverse effects on agriculture and farming and is the cause of disastrous human and animal displacements and migrations. The rise in sea level is so serious, now that it is threatening the very existence of some small island nations and countries. Massive displacements and migrations are likely to cause serious economic, social, political and war and peace issues. Displaced populations are at great risk of being hurt by poverty, disease, hunger, long-term and generational disabilities and retaliation. It can cause serious, unbearable burdens on host communities and nations. Many animal species are facing extinction due to loss of habitat. There is also a danger that this will increase the already very high, human encroachment into the natural habitats of animals. The displacement of wild animals species into human occupied towns, cities and villages and resultant killing of these animals is also very likely to increase. This is also likely to cause an astronomical increase on health care cost for individuals, families and nations as a whole. Displaced populations are also likely to increase the burden on taxpayers and governments. The irony of all this is that a lot is preventable. But the greatest hurdle in the prevention are, politicians and corporate controlled big media, safeguarding the interests of biggest pollutants, under the influence of their multi-billion dollar lobbies around the world. They are intentionally closing their eyes from and misguiding people about the critically important future of our kids, their next generations and our planet Earth. Contrary to common belief it’s not very hard to participate and virtually everyone can play a role. To the least, everyone can reduce the production of greenhouse gasses to some extent, if not to the full extent. There are two major things that everyone can contribute in. To decelerate the climate change, we must reduce the production of greenhouse gasses and decelerate the deforestation. Most green products are little bit expensive to start with but in long-term most of them save lots of money in energy bills. Energy saver bulbs, appliances, hybrid and electric cars and house insulation are great example. In addition to this, government is now providing generous tax breaks to offset the extra initial investment. Off course, none of us want our children to live in a world in which it is hard to breath. A world in which storms and floods destroy their homes all the time. A world in which weather is totally unpredictable and harsh. A world full of breathing problems and related diseases. A life that is significantly shortened due to intensified and more frequent climate related issues. We need to open our eyes, and do some research. To break the blurring and confusion caused by negative propaganda from special interest and their puppet media and politicians, we need to explore the facts ourselves. We must find out the unfiltered, unratified and unmodified information, directly from the authentic sources like environmental scientists, journals, publications and related university departments and professors. Direct information from reliable and authentic resources will give us confidence in our thinking and determination in our actions. Together we can do it and save our next generations and mother Earth from impending disaster. We live and enjoy this wonderful world because people before us, improved and made it better for themselves and for us. Now its our turn to work hard for our kids and get ready to perform our solemn duty.


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