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Quest for Truth




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It is commonly said and believed that man is a social animal. This social animal started life just like any animal. The whole life of a man was meant for food and sex. But, this smarter and social animal, with much more developed and complicated brain soon realized that living under the rule of might is right, just for food and sex is not a very good idea. Men would encounter any female, force her for sex and move on, leaving her with the consequences of this act, that is giving birth to and raising a child. Since, men were considered more powerful hunters, female or females would offer these powerful hunters sex in return for food and security. With time, the sense of possession and ownership grew resulting into: This is mine and thine, like this is my cave (residence) and that is yours; this is my food since I hunted it or found it; and this/these is/are my female or females since I had sex with her or them before you showed up. It was at this point that even powerful females started claiming their territories, food and men. It wasn’t uncommon for powerful females to claim multiple men as their owned and possessed sex partners. These ownership and possession claims led to controversies and fights and in that world of might is right men became overwhelmingly dominated over females and the fate of most females lied in the hands of powerful dominating men. The winner whether man against man or man against women or women against man (though rare) or woman against woman had exclusive rights (if there was a concept of rights at that point) of ownership and possession of losers property, including losers own body and sexual partners. Hence homosexuality was very common since the loser, same-sex or other was considered physically and sexually subdued too. This gave rise to family structure, since this powerful owner, mostly man, came to own everyone and everything, including kids. When these kids grew they helped him grow and strengthen his empire (possessions). Gradually, these powerful men realized that the strength is in numbers and wealth (How many and how much they owned). So, they tried to engage and keep engaged larger number of people and gave rise to extended families and clans. Then they realized that just gathering and hunting and subduing is not enough. Larger and better benefits can be reaped by protecting and growing the possessions. Hence, came farming and sex for procreation. More fertile a land, animal or woman was, more was its or her worth. This protection and growing required organization into larger groups like tribes and villages and even more organized cities. This protection and growth of possessions and organization into larger groups created enormous wealth and security never imagined before. People, particularly the higher up owners, for the first time, had the time and resources to distract themselves from continuous hunting and gathering, since this protecting and growing in larger and more organized groups provided a guaranteed availability of food and sex without continuous hunting and gathering. Men for the first time had time and resources to raise questions and find answers. Right and wrong, good or bad. Also, with the evolution larger and more organized tribes, villages and cities and distribution of work and responsibilities, questions like who owns what and who deserves and should get what and how much? Also surfaced. To maintain the integrity of newly evolving social structures, these questions had to be answered and issues had to be resolved. Men also started asking more philosophical questions like who we are and where we came from? Until now might was exclusively right. Then came the rules and laws. The standards for judging right versus wrong good verses bad evolved. In the beginning all the rules and regulations and laws were made by one most powerful man or a group of most powerful men. He/ they could coin / change any law or rule or regulation anytime, anywhere for anyone or any group of people. As the social structure kept evolving and societies kept becoming more and more complicated, dissatisfaction and protest against these dictatorial and harsh rules and regulations kept growing wider and stronger. People kept saying that just because he or they are more powerful does not mean that they can do whatever they want and rule and ruin our lives anyway they want. Before, when everything and everyone grew by itself and himself, nobody ever thought about the possibility of this world and human beings are the creation of someone or someones. Common sense was that this world and us came into being just like anything else. But when men started growing, making and manufacturing things, they started thinking in terms of possibility that this world and us are made by some Greater being or greater beings. Also, if a Greater being or greater beings made us then he or they should know and should be able to tell us, what is right or wrong? Or what is good or bad? What should we do and what we shouldn’t? How we are supposed to live our lives? He / they should be able to provide us a code of conduct? So started the quest for the Creator or the creators? Every powerful, dominant, beneficial, harmful or scary thing from Sun to elephants and snakes were declared gods and worshiped, praised and prayed in every possible way, including the sacrifice of human beings mostly women and children. In the beginning there were multiple creators or gods and goddesses. Different gods and goddesses were assigned to different aspects of life, like god of goodness, god of evil, goddess of beauty, goddess of love, goddess of hate. Obviously, male gods totally outnumbered the female gods and anything material, related to power and intellect was created by a male god and anything perceptual and related to emotions and looks was created by a female god. As per human nature, the mythology regarding these gods depicted lots of huge conflicts, wars and blood shed among these gods. Question was, do these gods communicate with us and if yes how? The answers were, sometime directly with selected people like ‘Gian’ to good people, who sacrifice themselves for gods in so many different ways like living in jungles, prolonged fasting and staying away from corneal relationships. Sometimes, indirectly through angels or dreams. Sometimes, by sending rewards and punishments. When gods communicated with a pious person, directly or through an angel, he usually got a set of commandments, directions or laws or regulations, which differentiated right from wrong and good from bad. Everyone who accepted and followed them was the good person and on the right side of the fence and was supposed to be rewarded by gods in this world and hereafter, while everyone who disagreed or refused to follow was bad and on the other side of fence and doomed to be cursed in this world and thereafter. Gradually, as man started to appreciate the laws of Physics and realized the great harmony and organizations in this universe and started to understand, how all the objects in this universe strictly follow the laws of Physics without any exception, another point of view started arising. So many gods who are always fighting with each other cannot create and run such an organized and harmonious universe. So, came the concept of one supreme being. Initially, it was one God created and ruling the world along with a number of smaller gods and goddesses. Later, it became one God created this huge universe in seven days and seven nights and he is managing it with some other form of invisible innocent beings like angels. One of them is Gabriel who brought Gods messages to His messengers. Since there are no prophets anymore and anyone claiming prophet hood is deemed crazy, obviously Gabriel is now enjoying his retirement. Who says retirement is an unnecessary economic and financial burden created by unions? It is interesting that now scientists have shown that universe is still in the process of making and is continuously expanding and growing. With one only one God another problem arrived. Since God was all good and was the originator of everything then, where does all this evil, bad and wrong is coming from. There comes Satan for rescue. Although a creation of Almighty God, he turned out to be a complete and pure evil. He refused God’s obedience, betrayed Him and made spreading evil, wrong and bad, and misguiding people his mission. Like God he has infinite life and power. He could be in the heart of every bad person and he could be present wherever the evil is happening, and the cause of every evil, bad and wrong happening in this world. Apparently he can have a presence at millions of places and hearts of people at the same time. He has innumerable visible and invisible followers and apparently he is winning his war against Almighty so far. Depending upon which set of truth you believed in, everyone who didn’t believe in that ‘Holy brand of truth’ was satanic, evil, bad, wrong and doomed to go to hell, the worst place you can imagine, even in your wildest dreams. It is located in hereafter, created and maintained by Almighty to punish infidels, deniers, wrong-doers, bad and sinful people. While, the people who believed in right brand of truth (which is what ‘you’ believed in) were going to be rewarded with paradise in hereafter, the best and ideal place you can ever imagine in your wildest dreams. The world became a test center and your success here totally depended on what your priest was telling you. In this one God world there was absolutely no place for any difference of opinion, a different way of thinking, freedom of speech and action because, denying was far-fetched, anything that even slightly differed from ‘word of God’, book of God, teaching of prophet, not condoned or approved by priests or ‘people of God’ was sinful, satanic, bad, evil and simply wrong. Philosophers and scientists, even with the most definitive scientific proofs were stoned, confined, imprisoned, tortured or even killed. History has recorded numerous mass killings and wars just to bring infidels to the truth. The suppression, killings and wars still prevailed and might was still right, but the only difference was that it was not done by one powerful, ugly and evil person or group of persons. It was now being done by good people of God for good and betterment of humanity. Spreading ‘truth’ and ‘right thing’ and forcing the bad, evil, wrong and misguided people became a duty pf every individual and God’s true follower. It reached the level that religion became the single most responsible cause of killings in human history. In the world of many gods different people worshipped different gods and followed different sets of rules and laws. In on God world, since now there was only one God, there was only one right religion, only one right morality, only one right set of beliefs, only one right way to live, and only one set of right laws. With the passage of time and under the influence of secular philosophies and education, the severity of these scars and pain from these has reduced just a little bit but, because every child in every religious culture grows up with stories about the brutality of other religions and it’s followers, on his /her religion and it’s followers; Everyone hears right from infancy how bad and ugly people of other faith and religion and infidels could be; why should one never, ever trust the people of other faith and religion, and infidels are even worse. Secular education systems have mostly be a failure in healing these scars because most teachers executing these systems do not believe in secular thoughts and ideologies. They create a conflict and contradiction in students’ minds. I remember my science teacher, who after teaching us theory of evolution told us, that’s what you answer if you get a question about theory of evolution in your test. But this is not true. We are not the children of monkeys. Truth is that God created Adam and Eve, our true ancestors. They committed a sin and were thrown down to Earth by God as a punishment. Then the same God sent his messengers and prophets who did everything possible to save us from God’s punishment in this world and the world after. These contradictions are created at every step of the way, everywhere in a kid’s life. He /she sees these contradictions in home, in school, in family, at religious places and settings, everywhere. A child thinks, what is right and what is wrong? One that is being thought or that is being practiced? What are my choices? If I adopt what is being thought then I am being labeled as nerdy, stupid, unfit, crazy, schizophrenic and even autistic. If I do what is being practiced then, I am cool, I am good, I am fit, I am wanted, I am loved. Religions have done lot of good. They became a strong voice against the suppression and exploitation of their times. They lifted up poor and deprived from poverty. Though only within the followers of that particular religion, religions are the originators of idea of superiority and good based on character rather than money, wealth and power. Although all religions and their followers believe that everyone who doesn’t follow that particular religion is satanic, bad and evil, they thought that everyone, at least within the followers of that particular religion is created equal. But, at the same time the belief that all the non-followers are satanic, bad and evil and doomed to be burned in hell served the purpose of dividing people at an unprecedented level. This is not just an inert belief. It creates a wall and barrier between the followers of two religions, and followers truly believe that they are different from others and others are not and cannot be like them unless they convert. This sense, or rather nonsense, takes very little to rise to the level of worst hate. This also makes people to classify the others as bad, and prove guilt by association. People start thinking like all of the others are like this or that. Three major religions of the world namely Islam, Christianity and Hinduism, along with atheists and non-religious people, each has a population of over a billion. It makes me wonder how world would have been or even existed at all if all of them were really like this or that? It is true, whatever way you classify people, religiously, ethnically, racially, geographically or linguistically, the continuity of existence of this world is itself a proof that most people in each group are good. Yet leaders in every group do not get tired of spreading distrust against each other. This is in part due to the fact that they perceive the existence of this distrust necessary to maintain status quo. We as human being have tendency to raise our stature by cutting the legs of other person. We love to point to the other people’s weaknesses in an effort to distract from our owns. It is true that every gossip is in our own reference. By pointing to the weaknesses of other people, we basically communicate the message, see that I / we don’t have that weakness or fault. When we say that someone is a cheater, we actually want to highlight the fact (or not fact) that I / we are not cheaters. This is the reason due to which celebrities become the topic of a hot and popular story overnight. By criticizing a famous, rich and / or powerful celebrity, we want to prove that I am / we are better than that rich, famous and /or powerful person. So called experts in powerful and big media know this very well and cash out these stories adequately. This is true for groups of people, too. When we hate people of other religion, ideology, race, nation or linguistic group /groups, by our talk and actions, for something ‘bad’, we try to prove that our religion, ideology, race, nation or linguistic group is better than that, at least in this regard. By labeling everyone in that group / groups bad (sometimes this group could be as big as over a billion people) we really feel like standing out and prominent as a better figure and human being. It is very hard to prove yourself as an individual or as a group. So, why not use the easier way. Condemn the others and build a sense of betterment for myself or ourselves. Although repeatedly proven devastating and long-lasting in adverse effects, conservative leaders, scholars and think tanks, immediately propose the solutions like attack them, beat them up, bomb them, kill them and / or go to war. To them war is still the solution of every problem. To them individual and /or group duels still do magic. Person killed, problem solved. They still do not realize that so many people are related to this person or these people in so many ways. They will never forgive and carry the grudge for generations. I guess this doesn’t matter for them. They believe that the brave and beautiful live surrounded by enemies, anyway. So, if we really want to bring people closer and end the animosities, than we must realize that different people think different and depending upon so many factors, they have different preferences and different approaches to life. While we strongly believe that our way of living is the best, others have all the rights to choose what they believe is best for them. While we will keep on preaching our way of living, we should understand that nothing gives anyone a right to force his or her way of living on others. If we like freedom for ourselves, other people deserve that too. It is the way of thinking that others are not just different, they are wrong and bad and must change and become like us, which has always brought great devastations in past and willingly and / or unwillingly, we may be going on the same path. Considering other human beings inferior and bad just based on difference of opinion is first of all wrong from our own ideological point of view. As the flag bearers of free world, we should be able to provide freedom to others, and let them chose, even if their choice is very different from ours and contrary to our wishes. The biggest concern anti-American cultures have is the cultural invasion and this is what is creating most hate against us. We have to convey the message with our words and deeds that they all are free to choose.


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